2nd Key of 7 Keys to Creating Great Relationships

Key 2: Discover your passion.

I have been researching and speaking on the topic of passion for close to 20 years, and have pursued my passions for over 50 years.

What is ‘passion’? My definition is this: “Passion is a source of unlimited energy from your soul, or spirit, or heart that enables you to produce extraordinary results”.

From my research and my face-to-face workshops with many thousands I have proven that most people in Australia and around the world are not passionate about their work. Yet, I am deeply convinced that everyone has passion. The tragedy is that far too few people have the courage to discover and pursue their passion.

That is why I do the work that I do: I believe the world will become a better place if more of us are willing to discover and to pursue our respective passions, without harming others in the process.

If you are passionate, you immediately raise your personal energy and become far more attractive to other human beings. As the law of gravity states: the inter-attractiveness of a body to another is determined by its mass, and your passion increases your metaphysical mass. You will stand out from the crowd, and others will notice you more readily.

You will thereby attract more people into your life, thus increasing the chances of entering into relationships that become great.


Charles B Kovess LL.B. (Hons), LL.M., MAICD, MAITD
Australasia’s Passion Provocateur©
Certified Speaking Professional