6th Key of 7 Keys to Creating Great Relationships

Key 6 of 7. Adopt the concept of ‘Parallel Thinking’.

Edward de Bono’s book ‘Parallel Thinking’ beautifully explores our 3000-year tradition of Western philosophical thought that proposes there is ‘truth’ to be discovered in almost every issue.

De Bono however says there are often times when competing ideas or thoughts can run ‘in parallel’ because there is no truth: for example, in designing a new outfit or a new building. Or perhaps when judging an art competition: what is the ‘best’ piece of art? This is highly likely to be unclear!

Another topical area of doubt is on questions of health and what is good for your health. In Australia, the medical profession is fighting hard to argue that only medical doctors have the ‘truth’ and that alternative health therapies are not effective.

At other times, it is clear that the ‘truth’ can be discovered. For example, if a bridge collapses, it is possible for experts to discover the true cause of the collapse. If there is a car accident, it is possible to discover the true cause of the crash.

By allowing parallel thoughts to run in your relationships, you become much more flexible, leading to less conflict about what is right, wrong, true or untrue, and you become much more lovable and fun to be with. This becomes easier through practice.

I have done lots of this over the years, and I recommend it. It is much harder, I concede, to implement this strategy on matters about which I am passionate, but that’s life!

Explore your opinions and beliefs in your relationships and look for ways to hold conflicting views in parallel: you do not have to fight to prove your opinion is ‘right’ or ‘true’.