Everyone has passion. Everyone can access their passion. Sadly, most people do not do so. Many people have asked me how to discover their true passions. I have developed 17 practical and proven ways to do this. This is the first seven ways.

When you discover your link to your passion, you can end up doing the same actions and behaviours you are doing now, but your experience is remarkably different.

Being passionate is a wonderful place to be! Life becomes an entirely new experience. It reminds me of the insightful Zen Buddhist saying:

“Before enlightenment,
Chopping wood, carting water.
After enlightenment,
Chopping wood, carting water!”

There are two avenues that are open to you:

  1. Discover what you are passionate about, and then pursue that; or
  2. Become highly conscious of how your existing work and activities generate income for you that enable you to pursue your passion (such as caring for your family, or taking your annual fishing holidays, or making a contribution to your community). I promise that your passion for your current work will rise dramatically.

Here are 7 ways that I guarantee will help you to discover your passion. I will share more of the 17 steps in a future article.

Some of these ways are difficult, so I am confident you might not like them!

That’s why I’m Australasia’s Passion Provocateur: I provoke. You can’t get ‘un-lost’ by doing what you’ve always done! And what you have done so far is what you have become comfortable doing.

You need to get out of your comfort zone.

Step 1. You need to be willing to work at the problem.

Most people are not interested in working, they just want a quick fix. There is no quick fix. I’m not interested in helping people who just want a quick fix. Tackle the problem as if it’s the most important thing in the world, because in my opinion it is the most important thing in your whole world. Remember my definition of passion: ‘an unlimited source of energy from your soul, or your spirit, or your heart that enables you to generate extra-ordinary results’. This is your soul’s journey, to discover your passion! What is more important than this?

Step 2. Review your life from your earliest conscious memories and consider, THEN WRITE, the answers to these questions:

a. When did I have lots of fun?
b. What spontaneously aroused my interest?
c. What upset me? What made me angry?
d. What am I most proud of that I have achieved so far?
e. Who are my friends and what is it about them that attracts me?
f. What did I dream my life would be?
g. What do I fear?

Step 3. What are your personal values? What behaviours do you wish to exhibit?

Step 4. What do you believe about yourself, both positive and negative? Write these out.

Step 5. What do you believe about the world and the role of human beings on the planet? Write these out.

Step 6. What do you believe about money? Are these beliefs useful or not for you?

NOTE: None of your beliefs are TRUTH: it is true you believe them, but they are not truth. You can change any beliefs that don’t serve you.

Step 7. Write a list of goals that would be of interest for you to achieve in the next 20 years.
These will be short-term (1 month – 2 years), medium-term (2-5 years), and long-term. These goals include mental goals, physical goals and spiritual goals. They include experiences you would like to have.

I promise you that if you do the above work, the results will be remarkable.

You will discover a new you. You will gain insights into your soul’s journey and your true passions.

©Charles Kovess
Kovess International
17 September 2012