Are you passionate about learning?

We live in amazingly changing times. Everything around us changes. Slowly or quickly. Tsunami-like, or grass-growing like! But it changes.

Every cell in your body is relentlessly changing.

How will you keep up with these changes? Learning is the answer. It’s the only answer.

But less than 10% of Australians, and similar percentages around the developed countries of the world, invest in their learning after they have completed formal secondary or tertiary education.

I gained four first class honours in my final year of school in Melbourne. I was pleased. My wise father congratulated me, and then said I know nothing. I have to keep learning!

I gained an Honours Degree in Law in 1974 from the University of Melbourne. I was pretty happy with this. But my mentor, a wise Jesuit priest, Father Zoltan Varga, then challenged me with my next challenge: he said I should get a Masters Degree. When asked ‘why’, he sagely replied, ‘because anyone and everyone can get a Bachelor’s Degree; wise people take the next step’.

So, I gained my Masters of Law from Monash University in 1980. It was difficult to do this, part time, while working full time as a tax lawyer. But I am grateful that I took the wise advice offered to me.

Even now, 31 years later, I am constantly investing time and money and energy in learning. I am constantly honing my skills and knowledge to be able to thrive and enjoy this beautiful changing world we live in.

If you aren’t passionate about learning and developing yourself, I promise that you will be left behind. Then you will be lamenting how tough your life is.

Don’t be like this. Become like a child. Be hungry about your progress. Be passionately inquisitive.