Coaching Program

First, meet with Charles Kovess, personally.
Explore new ways, with new awareness.
Define your philosophy and ensure you act with greater wisdom.
We create new strategies, methods and techniques.
We identify the changes that will make the big differences.
Gain insights into ways to balance the key elements of your life
Develop personal action plans that you implement.
Identify the support that will ensure you implement your plan and strategies.

You will sometimes receive written material from Kovess International for self-study.
Usually, each session lasts for one hour.
Telephone sessions last for 30 minutes.
The program proceeds in blocks of six sessions of one hour, or 12 sessions of 30 minutes.
The timing of the sessions can be varied to suit your timetable.

Your investment in your development is a commitment per block of 6 one hour sessions or 12 x 30 minute sessions, payable 50% on commencement, and 50% half-way through the sessions.
Your investment is likely to be tax deductible, but you should confirm this with your tax adviser.