5th Key of 7 Keys to Creating Great Relationships

Key 5: Allow others to be true to themselves

Release the need you may have for other people to behave in ways that suit you. If you are going to adopt my strong advice to be true to yourself, then allow others to do the same. That way, you can more quickly decide whether you are truly attracted to another person, or whether it’s their ‘act’ that has drawn you in.

You protect your precious time by using this strategy! You can get on and live passionately rather than being deluded.

A recent challenging movie on this topic is “The Invention of Lying”, starring Ricky Gervais (of ‘The Office’ fame) and Jennifer Garner. The movie premise is that no one knows how to lie. Ricky meets Jennifer, and it is amazing what brutal honesty on a first date looks like. It would save you so much time! Watch the movie and observe how you react to it.

Of course, it is often dangerous playing the honesty game. People might, and can, use your honesty against you. It has happened to me in the past on many occasions. Still, my time is more precious and valuable than to waste it: in almost the blink of an eye, we are dead, the planet will remain, and our lives are like a blink of the universe.

Charles B Kovess LL.B. (Hons), LL.M., MAICD, MAITD
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