“3rd Key of 7 Keys to Creating Great Relationships

Key 3: Take the risk and simplify your life.

Far too much ‘stuff’ in our lives does not fulfil us, nurture us, or give us lasting joy. We have spent vast amounts of money on this ‘stuff’. In many cases, we have wasted that money.

When you discover your passion, you become more able to decide what is important to you. You are willing and able to discard unnecessary complexities that you are hoarding, or pursuing, ‘just in case’ they might make you happy.

Taking the risk and simplifying your life will create time for you to devote to a relationship that has been created because you are being true to you. It is a risk because you may discard something that, in future, you discover you actually need.

Take the risk anyway!

Here are two strategies to help you simplify.

Firstly, consciously observe what the media is trying to sell to you, and then consciously test whether you are being seduced to do what, in your heart of hearts, you really do not want to do! Consciousness is the key, and understanding how powerful this resource can be will help you to work on improving your level of consciousness.

Secondly, donate or even throw away goods and things that are not essential for you. We sometimes spend too much time in finding a good home for superfluous ‘stuff’: just dump it, protect your precious time, and the pain of dumping expensive stuff will be a big help in avoiding being seduced to buy more stuff in the future!


Charles B Kovess LL.B. (Hons), LL.M., MAICD, MAITD
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