The Power of Truth

It seems to me that there are two truths: objective truth and subjective truth.

Objective truth is something that most people accept as true. For example, gravity applies on this planet.

Subjective truth is something that is true for you. For example, if you find someone to be beautiful, whereas others may strongly disagree with you on your definition of beauty.

Here’s the principle: when you act according to truth, you are more powerful than when you are driven by non-truth.

In simple terms, power is your ability to get anything done.

If you want to become more powerful, then harness the power of truth.

You can do this in many ways, such as:

  • Study to investigate what is truth
  • Increase your self-awareness so you can identify what is subjectively true for you
  • Speak the truth as you say it, even if there are negative consequences
  • Identify your passion and then pursue it, where there are almost certain to be negative consequences
  • Do not remain in a relationship with a lover whom you truly know you no longer love.

In my executive coaching process, it is always rewarding helping people to identify more truth.


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