I have come to the conclusion that the Universe rewards us in life for the value that we add. The Universe clearly works according to certain scientific and predictable principles, and this is one of those principles.

This does not mean that you cannot receive anything without adding value: that is a different principle at work.

From my earlier blogs, you will have an understanding of ‘passion’, and how it is an unlimited source of energy from your soul, or spirit, or heart, that enables you to produce extraordinary results.

So my question to you today is this: are you harnessing your passion to add significant value? Do you know how much value you are adding? And do you see that when you have unlimited energy, you are able to add more value than when you are low in energy?

I encourage you to start thinking about these questions, and then write down your responses. When you start to understand how this universal principle works, and apply it to yourself, you will begin to behave differently. You might ask for a pay rise, or you might even say to your employer, in your integrity, I am not adding enough value so you should either reduce my pay or increase the ways in which I can add value!

You might even say to your boss, ‘passion is being squashed in this workplace, so that limits the value that team members can add’.

Let me share three specific simple examples of adding value, so you gain a deeper understanding of this key issue:

  1. A florist who sells you flowers for a funeral for $50 is adding value to your life because she is satisfying your (non-material) desire to express your sympathy to someone who matters to you. If that desire is strong, it is clearly worth more than $50, and the florist has added value.
  2. A receptionist at a business who earns $800 per week may or may not add value. What problems does he or she solve while acting as a receptionist?
  3. As a professional speaker, when I earn $5,000 for a speech, if just one member of an audience who is a salesperson changes his or her behaviour to be more passionate and more effective, the value generated for the company who paid me could easily be more than $50,000 every year thereafter!

©Charles Kovess
Kovess International
24 October 2012