Dear Charles

You have been my executive coach in my role as CEO of Relationships Australia (Qld) for the past 5 months.
I chose you because my wife participated in one of your workshops and recommended you.
I am glad that she did, and I am glad that I chose you.

The investment by my organisation in your executive coaching services has been of excellent value.
The cost is quite small compared to the value that I have gained, and my organisation correspondingly, from the coaching experience.
You helped me to articulate the outcomes I wanted, and you crafted the coaching to help me achieve my desired outcomes.

I presently lead over 400 team members, with 8 direct reports, so the demands on me as CEO are significant.

Specifically, I have benefitted in the following ways from the coaching:

  • I have improved my time management skills, making me more effective as a leader
  • I am better able to manage the stresses in my life generally, leading to less wasted energy and more effectiveness and fun
  •  I have learned a series of key leadership principles and practices that are having a positive impact on me and my teams
  • You have helped me to begin to articulate my leadership philosophy, so I am more able to act in integrity and with courage
  • You have helped me to see the value of creating a responsibility culture in my organisation.

I am happy to recommend your services as an experienced and effective professional who is able to add significant value.
Shane Klintworth

I first saw you 10 years ago at a seminar in Brighton, (I think) Melbourne on the invitation of my then GM Craig Whitfield. I bought your book that day & also received a free CD which I have listened to countless times in the car.
In a world lacking in accountability & self protection, I use your principals now with my staff  to give them the direction that your strategies have given me.
Thanks for the email & keep up the good work!!!
Kind regards,
Craig Comline
A Passion Provocateur Follower


Many thanks Charles!
The team are rocking it……
We have a brand new leadership team now with TransLink on board – wish you could meet them. This has opened up such a great opportunity for career progression and I am so excited about some of the new Team Leaders – they are so motivated and passionate to perform. Amazing transformation ?
Thank you.
Michelle Harrower
Centre Manager (Fortitude Valley)

“Dear Charles, From all of us at Key Media Singapore, a big THANK YOU for participating and helping HR Summit celebrate its’ 10th Anniversary. We had close to 4,000 attendees this year, cementing HR Summit’s position as the leading HR event in Asia!We hope that HR Summit was a worthwhile experience for you and really appreciate the time and energy you so generously gave to the event as well as the HR and business professionals who attended.
Thank you very much once again.
Kindest Regards,
Emma Dean
Event Manager
Key Media Pte Ltd”

“Hi Charles
Just wanted to thank you for an extremely insightful, provocative and heartfelt talk this morning.
Great the way you picked up the thread of “Integrity” and ran with it in a fashion that was the catalyst for many of the attendees to question themselves and the attitude of their organisations.
The feedback from the audience was very positive and I am sure many of them will now look further into the messages and coaching you undertake.
Anthony Chiminello
Bridgeworld International Pty Ltd”

“Thanks Charles,
I have heard you a couple of times and I just love your perspective. You fill people’s fuel tanks with energy and provide mental stimulus within a structure.
Thanks for spreading your passion! It truly works!
Paul Harrison”

“Love and passion is everywhere
I had the enormous privilege tonight of hearing a presentation by Charles Kovess to the Institute of Management Consultants in Melbourne.  He is Australia’s passion provocateur.
Charles challenged us to discover our passion and find ways to stand out from the crowd. His presence and presentation was totally congruent with his message.
As a coach, I had lots of takeaways, including:
To create my story – the story that will help me to connect with myself, the people I work with and that sets me apart from others
To build a balance of health in body, mind and spirit (a work in progress but it’s good to reflect on progress)
To know the value that I add through my work and be able to articulate this easily
The importance of tapping into passion and meaning in life – this is what gives us energy
Creating stories that capture the heart of what I do and that establishes credibility with the people that I work with.
I recommend his presentations, website and his books (no I’m not affiliated with him, just a bit passionate) and he did give us a copy of his book Passionate performance which I’ll look forward to using to build my knowledge and education.
Amanda Martin”

Hi Charles,
many thanks for your timely and thought provoking Monday evening, it was a great wake up call about my dangerous situation of being comfortable.
I’ve been aware for many years that life goes on with or without us, but had forgotten how uncomfortable being comfortable can be to our continuing growth.
Having presented hundreds of workshops, and preview evenings while holding the sponsor license for Dale Carnegie in New Zealand, from
1980 to 1997, and then putting together seminars for The Leadership Institute of New Zealand I well recall how challenging it was to motivate encourage or inspire participants at those meetings to believe in the possibilities within when we works on our attitudes and skills.
I congratulate you on your well organized and professionally presented meeting. “The red jacket was a touch of class”.
When I met you some years ago at a NZNSA meeting I was impressed with your cheerful upbeat disposition and your ability to remember names, it’s great to see that you have not deteriorated.
Thanks again Charles for your very enjoyable and thought provoking evening, you deserve and earn the right to every success possible.
All the best,
Neville Booth”

“Dear Charles,
Thank you very much for the information.  I have a mentor who gave me your book “Passionate people produce” as a present and it has changed my life. It has inspired me to see things at work so differently. Being a South African in an Australian workplace has been quite an adjustment and a positive experience.  Now that I am once again a manager, I’ll definitely do things differently this time round.
I appreciate the information, thanks.
Charmaine Langley”

“Thank you Charles,
Your passion point is very timely. I am a baby boomer and about to start the journey of professional reinvention.  Approaching a career change and studying for new skill sets, your message certainly gave me a boost of confidence and a positive thought to take with me on my next Journey.
Thanks again for your optimistic and inspiring passion points,
Sana Hassan”

I have your books! Your seminar at Metcash a few years ago had a profound impact on my life. I continue to follow my passions . I am keen to create awareness of the value you have added to my life and hopefully promote this in an appropriate way to the people I work with.
Kind Regards,
Tony Ward”

Charles, thanks once again, I know everyone was stimulated by your talk as was reflected both in the feedback sheets and in the discussion both during and after the presentation”
Derek Hodge, Chairman, Group 3, The Executive Connection.

“Thank you again for a fantastic presentation. I thoroughly enjoyed it and could very easily have listened for a couple of more days. Your approach puts a different slant on the usual motivational material and was very refreshing and practical.”
Rob St Clair, Partner, Pitcher Partners Chartered Accountants

“I am pleased to acknowledge your large contribution which you have made to the BMW Group Financial Services. We engaged you after I experienced your first-class speaking skills at a CEO Institute event, and we have now used your services with various teams and with various leaders over the past three years. The investment in your services has been of excellent value to our Group.”
Alan Crookes, President Asia, Pacific, Africa.

“The best thing about what I learnt from you is that I now know that I can achieve anything I truly set my mind to and “I am the creator of my own reality”.  Hardly a day goes by when I don’t tell someone my story and how important you were in making me see how easy it was to make excuses when really there was no excuse for balance.
With fond regards, always.”
Vicki B, AMA Victoria

Hi Charles
great to hear from you in person!  You are a great mentor!

Pauline Grogan, Professional Speaker, NZ

Thanks for the copy of Passionate People Produce: it was very good, and highly recommended for all to read.

Many words and statements within this book have helped me to recollect all the course stuff that I have learnt. We constantly do things that give value in our lives, and to be able to make the choice to be passionate without giving into patterns of habit can be exhilarating.

Thanks again, and good luck in all your endeavors, whatever they may be.
Steven Kolakowski, Australia Post

Dear Charles, thank you for taking the time last week to chat with me.  After leaving you, I began to ponder over some of your suggestions.  Your specific comment about my network struck an accord with me. Many thanks again for your valuable in-sight. Much appreciated! I’ll keep in touch!
Csilla Csorba, Senior HR Manager

Dear Charles
The stories keep coming about the motivation you provided both here at Australia Post. One of the HR managers just told me that she has been skipping ever since. Isn’t it lovely?Another guy today a smoker of 30 years is contemplating giving up smoking and going part time next year.

Dear Charles, Just a quick note to say thank you for helping me to inspire so many people here at POST today and on the two previous occasions. When you are on a mission and driven by passion to inspire others to make a difference in this world and you find other kindred spirits along the way the joy is multiplied. The Greeks say “shared joy double joy, shared pain, half pain” and you Charles have brought a lot of joy in my life at many levels.

It was fantastic to sit at the back and watch the faces of some of these people, the majority of whom are migrants who have a lot to offer but can only give so much as their sphere of influence is limited… The majority of people in that room today were what we call Process Leaders, some were the next step up, and a couple of the higher-level bosses.

They could not thank me enough as I mingled with them .. Isn’t this fantastic???

Varvara Ioannou, Human Resources, Australia Post

Hi Charles,

I really enjoyed meeting you and listening to you speak. It was very inspirational and helped me to understand more clearly why I do what I do! It’s funny to say that but before I started speaking, I never really did understand what drove me, how I stayed motivated and set goals etc. It really was just something that I did without thinking about it.

I am really looking forward to reading your book and receiving your regular “Passion Points to Ponder” – after all we all can do with some extra motivation 🙂
Tammy Van Wisse, World Class Open Water swimmer

Dear Charles,

I am writing to thank you very much for doing the interview with my Phd student Alice Hsu for her topic “Spirituality and Management”. It meant a great deal to her to have such a helpful interview in the early stages of her research.

You are being such a great moral support to us here at Monash University and I really hope we can return the help in some way. The PhD outcomes and publications are a bit slow, but we will send you the published copies of the results when they come to hand .. Similarly for David Chin’s

project on servant leadership. He did parallel interviews in Malaysia to complement the introductions you gave us. He has very good data now and we are hoping that the analysis will be a big contribution to this important topic.

Please keep up the good work. It is very cheering just to receive your email in the inbox.
Dr Wendy Smith, Monash University

Good morning Charles,

A quick note to say thank you for your inspirational address yesterday at Australia Post.

I have been treated for depression for quite some time now and after listening to you I have realised that I have let my mind rule my soul for far too long.

I have started reading the book you presented to me already.

Thanks again for a fantastic and inspirational talk.

Rob C Business Support Australia Post